Montag, 8. November 2010

who has the best abs?

Moderator: Julie, who has the best hair in the cast?

Julie: Paul Wesley’s hair has its own number on the callsheet…

Paul: Number 2A.

Nina: No, actually, your hair is 2. You’re 2A.

Paul: Well, I get them mixed up cause they think I’m my hair sometimes.

Nina: He has to have his hair helicoptered in every morning

Moderator: Kevin, who has the best abs?

Kevin: I’m gonna go with Paul.

Ian: I’m too lazy. I like food way too much.

Kevin: I gotta tell you, Paul’s abs, they are-

Ian: Insane!

Kevin: They’re their own conversation.

Paul: That’s 2B. 2C… [Everyone erupts in laughter & cheers]

HAHA Paul ist einfach witzig.

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