Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

was wir wissen (season 3)

What we know:

-Elena’s birthday party is held at the Salvatore mansion (x)
-The only scene we are aware of (that has been thus far documented) Paul and Nina having together is in episode 3; it is unknown whether Nina is playing Katherine or Elena in this scene (x)
-There’ll (finally) be a visible framed picture of Stefan and Elena:

A) Elena’s cheerleading photo. Currently just a guess because it looks so similar.
B) A picture of them taken together from 1x03, Friday Night Bites.

What we are speculating:

Stefan and Elena are separated but that doesn’t mean they’re incommunicado; looks like our boy isn’t too far gone to remember that it’s his girls birthday


  • “The one person she wants to be with she can’t be with, so she’s sad at a time that’s supposed to be happy.”
  • “He’s completely in love with Elena and he’s doing this whole thing for Elena.”
  • “Elena loves Stefan, not Damon.”
  • “I think it will make their relationship stronger.”

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